(1969 Hurst/Olds Junk Yard Pictures)

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The following are photos individuals have sent me of 1969 H/O's in various states of decay

Jeff, the 4 new pictures in the second row of your "H/O's in various states of decay" was owned by Vic Pinchard of Milwaukee WI. The pictures were taken in the early 80s. The car suffered an engine fire that totaled the car and Vic's spirit. What happened was the engine light came on and he parked the car 2 blocks from work as he did not want to be late. (Yes, back then he drove it every day) Around lunch time, the police showed up at his work and gave Vic the unfortunate news.
Lucky he was able to replace the H/O with another shortley there after. Vic had owned the car in your pictures since new.....then another 69 H/O until his passing in 2003. He was truely the only H/O enthusiast from day one...
I was lucky to have Vic ride in my 69 H/O on the way to get some exhaust work done in 2000. The stories he told were amazing. He told me about some mopar guys that called him out one night. He simply said, "They called me out, I went down and kicked they're ass, then came home and had a beer.
He was thrilled that my car was no longer stock. He said..."I wish my H/O performed like this, I coulda cleaned up a lota guys with this car." God I miss that guy.....and my H/O is one I bought from his son....a legend around these parts for spanking guys with his 68 H/O....Like father like son. I thought you may want to share the story with other enthusiasts.
Chuck Weske...fellow 69 H/O owner