(Firefrost Gold Formula)

(Courtesy of Mike Rothe)

The formula given is for one pint (DuPont says it's enough to do one car's stripes when thinned, but I'd personally go with a quart) of the more expensive ChromaPremier. I recommend test spraying the mix first to make sure that it's what you want. Take this to you DuPont jobber. It MAY bu under the name of "69 Hurst/Olds Gold". If you need a quart, double the amounts shown.

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Cost code from DuPont: (important)-> F
4530SFlop Control Agent45.4
890JTransox Yellow86.0
894JExtra Coarse Alum109.3
845JTransp Yellow131.0
895JBright Coarse Alum149.9
802JLS White161.1
1005SGold Perl180.7
1008SMoss Green Perl181.0

The Cameo White, on the other hand, is NOT listed as "Cameo White" any more. It is listed as a fleet color, and the ChromaPremier color is listed as 5033F, under the fleet color "Dover White", a Kunkel Services color. However, it IS the exact same color as "Cameo White", the old code 50 color. Or, you can use the 72 H/O color code 11 as well, since this too was "Cameo White". I believe they STILL might have this one listed.