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Original Restoration

Original paint ideas and guidelines....

Original paint H/O Example # 1

Original paint H/O Example # 2

Original paint H/O Example # 3

Original paint H/O Example # 4

Original paint H/O Example # 5

Front fender stripe.
Notice how the inside of the stripe is a gentle curve. I've seen poor repaint examples where it goes too far into the corner or is too 'squared' off. Originals are all like this. Note how the width of the gold stripe is generally the same between the black pinstriping and the fender moulding, in the fron and at the top this width is generally maintained. If the stripe is done incorrect, it will be plain to see where the uniformity is then incorrect.

Also, see and enlarge the next picture. Almost EVERY upper front fender stripe curve I have seen ever so slightly curves back in on itself... See the arrow albiet an exaggeration.

Front nose/hood stripe.
First arrow pointing down, note how the black pinstripe meets the 'hockey stick' moulding, it would be as if the moulding would just cover up the pinstripe if it had continued. This gets messed up when individuals have a center stripe that is too narrow and they either pin stripe all the way down to the outside of the moulding or 'curve out' the pinstripe to meet the edge of the moulding. So look, it is straigh down and ends where it meets the moulding.

Second area to note, the stripe as it goes up the hood, it's width and pinstripe should be pretty much in the direct center of the 'arc' that is formed by the indent that is in the hood, note other arrow and arc. If that is maintained properly then at the very end before the hood scoop both sides will have a uniform curve to meet the front verticle portion of the scoop, 2nd picture...

Lower Stripe.
The lower stripe 'does' dip slightly before and after the wheel wells. First picture, note the stripe as it meets the front wheel well, also note the height of the stripe and how much of it is on the lower door... do not bring that stripe up too high....

Second picture, note how the rear stripe meets the rear wheel well...Also... the pin striping did not continue into any of the recesses like bumper areas or door jams, 4th & 5th pictures as well.

Below are multiple shots of 2 cars with original paint jobs and original condition vehicles. I took the pictures at the 105th anniversary of the Historic Cars of Lansing and the Hurst/Olds Club of America National Meet, August 3 & 4, 2002. The cars belong to Joe Spagnoli and Joe Wieczorek. Here are some good examples of original paint layouts, i.e. how the gold dips around the wheels and original engine compartment markings and other neat stuff... Some pictures provided by fellow 1969 H/O owner Larry Monk.

Notice the missed gold paint at the top of the fender just below the chrome trim. The gold must have been sprayed after the chrome was masked off.

Both door jams had the upper gold stripe neatly masked off, the other car is different.

The center stripe is a little uneven, i.e. the right side is closer to the scoop at the top of the stripe.

You can see the un-evenness here as well. Also notice the black pinstriping at the end of the gold stripe near the bumper. The pinstriping here just disappears as it was ended before the chrome trim.

Notice on the other car how the pinstriping on the nose runs onto the chrome trim....

Drivers side upper stripe overspray.

Passenger side upper stripe, no overspray.

Notice the masking job on the hood scoop.

Notice gold triangle overspray just passed the rear window. Also that stripe doesn't necissarily end directly underneath the junction of the drip rail and the lower chrome stip.

This is an original wiper motor sticker off of Larry Monk's 1969 H/O. Larry explains: here is a picture of my wiper sticker believed to be original. I was told that the bottom line will change on all of them, the first number means how many days into the year the motor was made my number makes sense, my car was made 5-2-69, so 97 days is before May 2nd and the next number 9 means 1969.

Lower stripes.
They DO NOT go straight across the bottom of the car!!!!!

Here are some engine compartment shots, notice the lower altenator braket on non-AC cars is painted red.