(Original Cars, Paint & Ideas)

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Below are 2 sections of original cars. The 1st section is of a car recently
purcuased by Ken Millington. The car had spent it's life in Idaho and has all original paint, 18K miles,
dash plaque car, 3.42 rear, non air & sport wheel.
The second section are some pictures from 2 original cars at the 2004 H/OCA Meet.

(Ken's Car...).

Notice on the 3rd picture above how the back of the roof stripe follows the bodyline of the rear window.
It makes the back of that stripe a slight concave arc that is a constant equal distance from the roofline.

Front of rear wheel

Back of rear wheel

Front fender

Driver side hood

Hood Scoop

Notice on the middle picture above how there is gold overspray on the front of the chrome fender trim. Probably from a bad masking job which leads to the fact that the trim was left in place when the stripes were applied.

Passenger door

Driver door

Driver side fender

Driver side


Notice on the last picture above how the black paint is applied on each side of the slash between the H and the O.

(2004 H/OCA Meet, many pictures provided by Ken Millington.)

Here are some under hood pictures from original cars.

Original tire markings in the trunk.

Front fenders & Hood.