(Original Cars, Rims)

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Here are several pictures of rims from original cars. Classic 'Argent' grey type of color. What? you have seen some painted gold??, yes some have painted them gold "after" the fact. No car left Demmer with 'Gold' rims, in fact, the rims were installed at Oldsmobile before they were shipped to Demmer. Dick Chrysler has said that none of the rims were painted at Demmer for the 1969's. He also said that the Firefrost paint was exspensive back in the day and they were not going to 'waste' any of that paint on the rims. Could someone have requested that the Olds dealer paint the rim gold before or after they purchased it?, sure, but they did not originate in that fashion. I think a close match to original is the Seymour 'Cast Blast' paint.