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Hurst/Olds front plate

The following courtsey of John Kushner
Picture of the cardboard license plate that was a dealer display item for the car. Note that is Gold in the 'H', not faded red.

Window Sticker Supplements

Here are multiple supplements to the Oldsmobile window sticker that explains the details to the Hurst/Olds package and the list price. It was pasted on the window next to the regular window sticker.
The first one is a repop, the rest are originals'

Build Sheets

Thanks to Ed Nunez, Ken Millington, and others.

Broadcast Cards

Mine was discovered under the rear seat of my car in the coils of the seat. Other examples as well.

Look for yours under the rear seat of your car, the seat is not that difficult to remove, just grab the lower portion of the rear seat where the seat meets the floor, push toward the back/trunk of the car then lift up and it should lift out of the way. The seat has some metal loops underneath that hook onto the floor of the car, by pushing in this way it will 'unhook' the seat. Replace the seat in reverse fashion.

At the Track - 1969

The following pictures are from 1969 racing events
(Indianapolis Raceway Park, U.S. Nationals - 1969.)

(Notice the middle picture you can see the stripe painted on the convertible top!)

Press Kit - 1969

The following pictures are from the 1969 Hurst/Olds Press Kit.

Demmer Engineering - 1969

The following pictures are of 1969 H/O in progress at Demmer Engineering in 1969.

Hurst Press Introduction - Tavern on the Green Returant, April 1969

Van Devere Oldsmobile, Akron, OH - 1969

The following pictures are courtesy of Aaron Holb who's brother bought this car new and took the following pictures.

1969 Hurst/Olds Meeting Notes

2 pages of a 1969 H/O planning meeting discussing options and promotional activities.
I have translated the writing on the page.

1969 Hurst/Olds Promotional Photo's

2 Pictures of the 1969 H/O during the August 1969 'Cars' magazine track testing.

The first picture is courtesy of fellow Olds enthusiast Al Mantei

The first shot is the debut of the car to the press at the Tavern on the Green resturant in New York City
The next 3 documents are a press conference attendance sheet possibly for that meeting
The 2 last photos are promo shots probably taken at the GM studios

Variuos original photographs, some with Linda Vaughn, "Miss Hurst Golden Shifter"

Sebring 12 Hour Race

Letter to Hurst from Sebring inquiring on the possibility of the 1969 H/O as a pace car for the 1969 Race.

Muscle Cards Trading Cards Musclecard Trading Cards
Number 11 in a Series of 200 Number 64 in a Series of 200

[Card Front]

[Card Back]





1969 Hurst/Olds Promotional Brochure

These handout brochures were part of a Hurst/Olds kit distributed to dealers, 50 were included in the kit and were meant to be passed out to prospective buyers...

Front Cover

Inside front cover

middle of brochure

inside back cover

Shipping Receipts

Shipping receipts and forms for my car to and from Hurst.

The circled #374 on the middle document and on the last document is the production number of the car.

Hurst Performance Inc. News Release - 04/69

Page 1

Page 2

1969 Hurst Performance Dealer Order Inquiry

Page 1

Page 2

1969 Hurst Performance Research Press Release

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Hurst Performance Inc Technical Specifications - April 7, 1969

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

1969 Hurst Performance Inc. Press Release Specification

Page 1

Hurst Performance Inc. Dealer Specification Release, (Pages 1 to 5)., (Typed HTM)